Preliminary production of Tesla 3 will start February 20?

Elon Musk would like to launch Tesla 3 as soon as possible, for which he collected several hundred thousand orders. Reuters claims that the initial production of the new model may begin on February 20.

Tesla hitherto offered cars to more affluent customers, as only well-earned businessmen could afford to buy a car costing $ 100,000. This group of consumers is not big, so Elon Musk has been struggling for a few years to create a more affordable model that will bring the company big profits and hopes to help with this Model 3.

Model 3 is the first Tesla auto electric designed for the mass consumer. This small urban vehicle, which will cost just over $ 30,000, has already attracted a lot of customers. When last year’s subscription to this model was launched, more than 400,000 customers were subscribed.

It is no wonder Elon Musk wants to bring him into the market as soon as possible so that no one of his rivals will come. As reported by Reuters, the pilot production of this model may start on 20 February. This will of course not be the final version of the car, which could hit the salons, because this goal is only to test the production line.

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