SpaceX is planning its first launch of its biggest rocket

Converting space to private sector has proved to be a very good idea, as private companies have large financial backing, so development of new vehicles is much faster and some companies have their own vehicles.

One of them is SpaceX, a consortium formed by Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, which manufactures electric cars. Although the company has recently lost one of its ferries at replenishment at the International Space Station, it is not bothered by it and is preparing to launch its first Falcon Heavy launch rocket, the most powerful since Saturn V used by NASA in the 1970s.

Falcon Heavy can carry 55 tons of cargo, more than double that of other missiles such as Delta IV Heavy, European Ariane and Chinese Long March. It is still half the result of Saturn V, but still the weight is impressive.

Even more impressive is the drive required to bring such a colossus into space, which is the equivalent of the full power of the Boeing 747.

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