Software that will distract telemarketer’s life

Nobody likes to have an impatient telemarketer do not give him peace of mind, calling at various hours and at all costs trying to persuade to buy a product that does not interest us. Roger Anderson of Los Angeles also had enough of them and decided to create a robot that would make telemarketers get away from us very quickly.

The service is called -to-send-your-telemarketers-to-this-robot / Jolly Roger Telephone and is supported by a software bot that keeps a conversation with the telemarketer, wasting his time and making him no longer try to call . Anderson claims that his work, by providing relatively simple answers, is able to sustain the conversation for at least a few minutes before the person on the other side realizes that he is not talking to a human.

The author of the bot experimented with various personalities before deciding that the best would be a man who had just woken up from a nap and often mentions that he must drink coffee and ask the telemarketer to repeat his offer.

The service proved to be a great success, because in just 10 days of its operation, it received over 100,000 calls. As Anderson, who has not expected so much interest, explains that his bot has received calls from telemarketers from Australia, South Africa and the UK.

Now he has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to build a robot with many different voices (Anderson’s voice is for now) and speaks different languages.