The first hydrogen powered drones

The biggest obstacle to the commercial use of drones is not only the regulations but also the technical limitations of these devices related to their power supply. However, engineers from Intelligent Energy have developed a new technology that can significantly extend their time in the air.

Drones are relatively small devices, so their motors are electric motors which are relatively light and have sufficient thrust to keep them in the air. Unfortunately, due to the size of the dron, it is not possible to install too large batteries, so most models need to charge for more than several dozen minutes.

This limits the usability of this equipment, but engineers from Intelligent Energy have been able to create a technology that will allow the drones to fly much longer. They have developed a hydrogen fuel cell. The new battery installed on a specially modified unmanned vehicle feeds it for at least a few hours, which is at least several times longer than the standard model.

The new battery not only allows dron to fly much longer, but additionally the process of refilling energy is definitely faster as it only comes down to filling the container with hydrogen compressed. The process only takes a few minutes, instead of several hours, which must be devoted to recharging the standard battery.

Intelligent Energy is hoping that technology developed by its people will help the agricultural sector, helping to build drones for sowing and developing machinery used to map gas and oil occurrences.