Logitech wants to enter the VR hardware market

Experts think that VR technology is the future of entertainment, so more and more companies are engaging in the creation of equipment that will move users to the digital world. Also included is Logitech, a well-known computer accessories manufacturer, and these plans, in the interview with the Australian Financial Times, were confirmed by the CEO of Bracken Darrell himself.

In a conversation with journalists, he explained that VR technology could be very interesting and that there was already a lot of discussion in the company about possible ways to use it and plans to engage in hardware production. Of course, before the company is seriously entering the market sector, it will take a few more years, but initial plans are already beginning to emerge.

Surprisingly, Logitech does not plan to create its own VR goggles, but will focus on designing accessories for third-party kits, such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. These devices will, however, have their own controllers, so it is not yet known how Logitech is supposed to support them. However, we know that their implementation will only begin in a few years, so maybe the company will offer something for the second or third generation of such goggles.

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