Air Force one, the most guarded US aircraft

There are many interesting airplanes in the US Air Force hangar, but one of them deserves special attention. This is the presidential Air Force One machine, which is the aircraft that the US President moves. It is currently the Boeing 747-2G4B, the popular “Jumbo Jet”, specially prepared for the President version.

The title of Air Force One is not “glued” exclusively to the presidential Jumbo Jeta. This name is nominated for every plane on board which is currently located by the American president. So if he wants to sit in a small tourist plane, then this tiny machine will be called “Air Force One”. The same situation applies to other vehicles: each boat on which the President is located is called Navy One, Limo One, Helicopter – Marine One.

Designing the most important aircraft as “Air Force One” is not just a matter of flight rank but also its safety. The Presidential Eisenhower administration came up with the idea of ​​a Presidential Eisenhower administration following an incident in which one of the civilian flight planes was marked with a similar call sign (EASTFLIGHT 8610, while Presidential Airplane 8610 aircraft). In order to avoid such a situation in the future, it was decided that from now on, every Airplane One with a president will be assigned a “Air Force One” call sign.

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