Online drons have made a virgin flight

Facebook is not the only company that plans to provide Internet access, with drones flying high above our heads. Quarkson’s Portuguese company also has similar plans and plans to do so with the SkyOrbiter engine designed by its engineers.

SkyOrbiter is a dron designed specifically to deliver the internet where traditional solutions would be too expensive. The photovoltaic signal generator, which is powered by photovoltaic cells installed on its hull, reaches a maximum ceiling of 22 km and can remain in the air for weeks.

A few days ago, the first test of a new WiFi dock was completed successfully, so production of prototypes started at the rate of one machine every two weeks. If you manage to find extra money then serial production will be able to move in 4-6 weeks.

SkyOrbiter will be able to transmit data via this WiFi technology or with much faster LTE. There are several versions of dron in the plans, and in the above mentioned tests the model was the smallest wing span of 5 m.

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