Software is a weapon on a par with military equipment

It is not known today that a cyberattack can do more damage than the arrival of an army equipped with the latest destruction tools. The American Air Force is slowly beginning to see this tactic and officially recognizing the software as a weapon.

With the advancement of computer technology, the software has become increasingly important and can be considered as a weapon, along with tanks and long-range missiles. Therefore, the army is working on six hacking tools that will play the role of such a weapon. In this way, the air forces will be able to more easily fund the Pentagon.

General John Hyten, deputy commander of the Air Force Space Command, told Reuters that only in this way will hacker software pay more attention to the authorities. He also acknowledged that the Air Force is working to better integrate its combat capabilities into an online network with other types of forces. That is why aviation wants to expand its network security division, employing an additional 1200 people, including 900 military personnel.

Hyten also said that the air forces now want to increase cyber-security investments that can already be seen in the private sector.

Of course, they have not revealed what these tools are, but you can guess their destiny and certainly are not harmless programs. We know that the US together with Israel created the Stuxnet computer virus, which was used to attack Iranian uranium enrichment installations, eliminating thousands of centrifuges. It can be assumed that these tools will play a similar role.