Military scientists have developed bullet-proof clay

The US Naval Research Laboratory, after a few decades of research, has finally made a breakthrough in the field of new materials useful to the military. They managed to create a synthetic, powdered clay, which produces a transparent, bulletproof material.

Military laboratories have been working on new materials for many years to build even better and stronger armor to protect soldiers from enemy fire.

American naval research laboratories have just achieved a gigantic success in this field. After several decades of development work, they have been able to create a synthetic, powdered clay that, when heated and molded into a mold under total vacuum, turns into a transparent material of exceptional resilience. The material is called Spinel, is much stronger than glass and provides excellent protection in hostile environment, offering high abrasion resistance and erosion caused by sand and rain.

Unlike today’s bulletproof glass made of multiple layers of plastic, Spinel can be freely shaped to fit different devices. Moreover, it does not block infrared light, so it can be used as housing for dron vision systems as well as HEL-MD laser systems. The added advantage of the new material is a much lower mass compared to bulletproof glass.

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