Dangerous browser

“Internet Explorer is used to browse the internet from your computer and vice versa,” says the saying. However, other browsers are equally dangerous.

Browser, as one of the most important programs, is particularly vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. The program is currently used not only for reading but also for web applications (including mail) and social networking sites. Capturing passwords or using a browser to access your computer gives you great benefits.

Open source?

Errors found in browsers are extremely dangerous. Every hacker-exposed vulnerability can be used to attack millions of users. Internet Explorer has been criticized for years, but other browsers are not deprived of it. When it finds an error it can be used for a long time without revealing it to a wider group. If a vulnerability is made public, malicious programs will quickly appear.

Browser creators should remove the vulnerability as soon as possible and publish a patch. For this reason, it is important to use the update because the victims are mainly users of obsolete software versions. It is also worth noting how quickly the browser manufacturer reacts to found holes.

Programs can be split into open source and closed ones. The closed applications that make up the majority, are characterized by the fact that you can never be sure what exactly the program does. When using Internet Explorer or Opera, you need to trust the manufacturer. It may be that a closed application can collect data or perform operations that you do not know.

Developers of open applications such as, Firefox or most Linux distributions, in addition to the program themselves, provide their source code on the basis of which anyone can see how the program works. This requires programming knowledge, but thousands of people around the world voluntarily look at programs and look for errors in them. This allows vulnerabilities to be detected faster than closed software. Unfortunately, this gives you a great opportunity to abuse.

A hacker who has a security vulnerability can use it without informing the world of the error. In the case of closed programs, finding the error is much more difficult but possible. Because of the difficulty, more and more people are trying to use the error than they would like to tell the program’s producer.

Incorrect assumption

Browser architecture is just as important as bug detection and patching. How to store passwords and support external plugins (Flash, Adobe Reader, QuickTime) are the main problems of today’s browsers.

One of the potentially dangerous features is the ability to show passwords stored by the program. For example, Google Chrome can be viewed with just a few clicks. In Firefox, you have added an additional master password to protect your saved passwords … but by default it is inactive. A person with physical access to a computer can easily read the passwords …

OnePlus 2 with more frames

There is still new information about OnePlus 2, the successor to the popular smartphone, whose manufacturers have shown that they can offer powerful hardware at an affordable price. The next generation will not only be more powerful, but also have a bit more RAM.

This week we learned quite a bit about OnePlus 2, a new smartphone from OnePlus, which will hit store shelves this year. Its director Pete Lau revealed that the new product will cost under $ 450, so it’s going to be a bit more expensive than the current model. What will the higher price of the product justify? Better technical specification.

Lau confirmed that the new model will be equipped with 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which is 1 GB more than the previous model. He also promised a longer battery life on the fully charged battery without affecting its performance.

From what we already know, the OnePlus 2 will include the Snapdragon 810 v.2.1 processor, which with 64-bit architecture will make better use of the 4 GB of RAM. The device will also receive a 5.5-inch Full HD display, 16 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front camera, and a USB Type-C connector and fingerprint reader.

Logitech wants to enter the VR hardware market

Experts think that VR technology is the future of entertainment, so more and more companies are engaging in the creation of equipment that will move users to the digital world. Also included is Logitech, a well-known computer accessories manufacturer, and these plans, in the interview with the Australian Financial Times, were confirmed by the CEO of Bracken Darrell himself.

In a conversation with journalists, he explained that VR technology could be very interesting and that there was already a lot of discussion in the company about possible ways to use it and plans to engage in hardware production. Of course, before the company is seriously entering the market sector, it will take a few more years, but initial plans are already beginning to emerge.

Surprisingly, Logitech does not plan to create its own VR goggles, but will focus on designing accessories for third-party kits, such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. These devices will, however, have their own controllers, so it is not yet known how Logitech is supposed to support them. However, we know that their implementation will only begin in a few years, so maybe the company will offer something for the second or third generation of such goggles.

Online drons have made a virgin flight

Facebook is not the only company that plans to provide Internet access, with drones flying high above our heads. Quarkson’s Portuguese company also has similar plans and plans to do so with the SkyOrbiter engine designed by its engineers.

SkyOrbiter is a dron designed specifically to deliver the internet where traditional solutions would be too expensive. The photovoltaic signal generator, which is powered by photovoltaic cells installed on its hull, reaches a maximum ceiling of 22 km and can remain in the air for weeks.

A few days ago, the first test of a new WiFi dock was completed successfully, so production of prototypes started at the rate of one machine every two weeks. If you manage to find extra money then serial production will be able to move in 4-6 weeks.

SkyOrbiter will be able to transmit data via this WiFi technology or with much faster LTE. There are several versions of dron in the plans, and in the above mentioned tests the model was the smallest wing span of 5 m.

The first hydrogen powered drones

The biggest obstacle to the commercial use of drones is not only the regulations but also the technical limitations of these devices related to their power supply. However, engineers from Intelligent Energy have developed a new technology that can significantly extend their time in the air.

Drones are relatively small devices, so their motors are electric motors which are relatively light and have sufficient thrust to keep them in the air. Unfortunately, due to the size of the dron, it is not possible to install too large batteries, so most models need to charge for more than several dozen minutes.

This limits the usability of this equipment, but engineers from Intelligent Energy have been able to create a technology that will allow the drones to fly much longer. They have developed a hydrogen fuel cell. The new battery installed on a specially modified unmanned vehicle feeds it for at least a few hours, which is at least several times longer than the standard model.

The new battery not only allows dron to fly much longer, but additionally the process of refilling energy is definitely faster as it only comes down to filling the container with hydrogen compressed. The process only takes a few minutes, instead of several hours, which must be devoted to recharging the standard battery.

Intelligent Energy is hoping that technology developed by its people will help the agricultural sector, helping to build drones for sowing and developing machinery used to map gas and oil occurrences.

Software is a weapon on a par with military equipment

It is not known today that a cyberattack can do more damage than the arrival of an army equipped with the latest destruction tools. The American Air Force is slowly beginning to see this tactic and officially recognizing the software as a weapon.

With the advancement of computer technology, the software has become increasingly important and can be considered as a weapon, along with tanks and long-range missiles. Therefore, the army is working on six hacking tools that will play the role of such a weapon. In this way, the air forces will be able to more easily fund the Pentagon.

General John Hyten, deputy commander of the Air Force Space Command, told Reuters that only in this way will hacker software pay more attention to the authorities. He also acknowledged that the Air Force is working to better integrate its combat capabilities into an online network with other types of forces. That is why aviation wants to expand its network security division, employing an additional 1200 people, including 900 military personnel.

Hyten also said that the air forces now want to increase cyber-security investments that can already be seen in the private sector.

Of course, they have not revealed what these tools are, but you can guess their destiny and certainly are not harmless programs. We know that the US together with Israel created the Stuxnet computer virus, which was used to attack Iranian uranium enrichment installations, eliminating thousands of centrifuges. It can be assumed that these tools will play a similar role.

Air Force one, the most guarded US aircraft

There are many interesting airplanes in the US Air Force hangar, but one of them deserves special attention. This is the presidential Air Force One machine, which is the aircraft that the US President moves. It is currently the Boeing 747-2G4B, the popular “Jumbo Jet”, specially prepared for the President version.

The title of Air Force One is not “glued” exclusively to the presidential Jumbo Jeta. This name is nominated for every plane on board which is currently located by the American president. So if he wants to sit in a small tourist plane, then this tiny machine will be called “Air Force One”. The same situation applies to other vehicles: each boat on which the President is located is called Navy One, Limo One, Helicopter – Marine One.

Designing the most important aircraft as “Air Force One” is not just a matter of flight rank but also its safety. The Presidential Eisenhower administration came up with the idea of ​​a Presidential Eisenhower administration following an incident in which one of the civilian flight planes was marked with a similar call sign (EASTFLIGHT 8610, while Presidential Airplane 8610 aircraft). In order to avoid such a situation in the future, it was decided that from now on, every Airplane One with a president will be assigned a “Air Force One” call sign.

Less and less chance of getting Pepsi P1

The announcement of the first smartphone signed by the manufacturer of popular carbonated beverages has aroused great interest in the market. Unfortunately, the more time has elapsed since then, the less chance that the product will be sold because it simply has no money for its production.

A few months ago there were first reports showing that Pepsi, the maker of well-known carbonated beverages, is interested in launching its first smartphone signed with its logo.

Initially it was thought that the company would pay for its production, but soon it turned out that it was not interested, so it was decided to fund the online collection. The mass production of the device was taken by the Chinese company Koobee, and the price of the product was set at $ 250. The Pepsi P1 has a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of flash memory, and a fingerprint reader.

Opportunities for the appearance of equipment in shops is, however, less and less. It turns out that Internet users are not willing to transfer money and although to the end of the collection was only a few days, only half of the amount needed.